Drinking 25 years of AwesomeSauce

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As of 5/28/2017 I am blessed to be able to celebrate 25 years of not drinking any alcohol or doing any drugs. For some of you, you might respond, “well, DUH!!, Why would anyone do drugs, dude!!??”
My story is that I am a recovering alcoholic. If I drink, I cannot stop. This is a disease. Like depression, it’s often understood – usually by the people that don’t have it!! 😉
I don’t have cancer (thanks God!, btw) but I’m told that having cancer is like alcoholism: it’s not something you signed up for but the affects and experiences are truly horrible..

So, today, I am HUGELY grateful. And, like many things and experiences, unless you’ve been here, you probably cannot relate.
So, I thought I would share some of my thighs and emotions and hope that you get to feel as grateful to be alive and healthy as I do.

Life Is Awesome .. especially when you know there is no guarantee you’ll get another day of it.

Live the Dream!!

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