Meeting an Entrepreneur at a Coffee Shop in Bangkok, Thailand

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Thru a series of emails and introductions I’m grateful to a great guy from a very innovative company DRVR (“Driver”)
David Henderson has provided me with a boat-load of information from his own experiences as an Entrepreneur with a successful Startup! I encourage you to read more about him
and his company at there website

This video is me just sharing and update and some thoughts as I begin my ‘research meetings and interviews’ of various successful Entrepreneurs David has introduced me to.
On this morning, I will be meeting with a DAVID SHELTERS.

David S, has been in Bangkok for over 10 years, as a true pioneer and walking encyclopedia of knowledge as it relates to the Startup Ecosystem.
David Shelters on LinkedIn:

David Shelters on Amazon

After a quick BTS ride from ThongLo to Ekamai, I spent about the next 3+ hours learning a great deal about the different types of Startups Bangkok is host to.

…stay tuned for more information on what I find.

{ **URLS corrected 30 Nov 2017 }

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