LAX to Coronado and a Shanghai Story

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After a 13 hour flight from Shanghai (PVG) I land at LAX. I will grab my rental car at Alamo and then drive home to San Diego.
My drive from LAX to home usually takes about 2.5 hours. About mid-way home, I will usually stop at a rest area on the I-5 near San Onofre. Its a good mid-way point and an opportunity to stretch my legs, stretch my back and use the rest room.
While there, the sun was setting so I took the opportunity for a quick photo. As I was walking toward this embankment to get a cool shot of the sun setting over the pacific, a guy in his 20’s shows me the photo he just took of the sun – commenting on how beautiful it was. In speaking with him, I learn he is originally from Shanghai.
“I just got back from there”, I said.
“Ah, I am heading there on Tuesday – when did you get back?” he asked.
“I landed at LAX about 2 hours ago.”
“Oh wow! you JUST got back.”

So we shared a few comments about the weather there.
Turns out his family has a business there and he will be going back to work in the business. He did his undergrad work at University of Oregon.

Its always great to meet new people.
Since then we’ve exchanged email pleasantries. I’m quite confident I will return to Shanghai – definitely want to explore more of the city.

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