Landed Boston Logan International (BOS) to commuter boat to Home

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After the wildly successful conference in Washington, DC: Nutanix.NEXT, I began my July 4th holiday weekend by flying up to Boston to spend a week with my folks.
I don’t don’t know about you but when I haven’t gotten to hug my Mum or Dad for over a year, its a real bummer.
So, in this video I share a bit about how I get from the Boston International Airport (Logan) to the Commuter Boat which then takes me to Hingham where my Dad picks me up.

What a gift to be able to travel in the warm-ish summer and go from a plane to a boat.
For those of you who are “boaters” or love boats or love being on the water, you can probably relate to why this is such a GREAT way to commute *around* the crazy traffic of downtown Boston and make my way to the little town of Hingham on the South Shore.
It’s such a gift having my parents in my life and being able to see them in the summer in New England is the icing on the cake

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