Aaaand it begins. Start by walking.

Welcome to  This site is as much about me Living the Dream as it is about YOU!
I’ve often thought that it would be great to have a place to share stuff that I am doing, ideally adding value to your life, and I would also love it if you’d share your experience, strength, hope and successes!

That way, we can all, live our asses off!

I’m hoping that by starting this site it will help me to articulate and journal in a simple format (theme) all the gratitude I have for being able to wake up in the morning (or whenever) and life One More Day.

We all know of people who are seemingly healthy and then one day, BLAM, they “lose the lottery” and get doused over the head with a big bucket of lame sauce (e.g. { insert bad news here }

I have certainly had to drink a few tall glasses of “sit the F*** down” to wash down my “shut the F*** up” sandwich.  But through all life’s imperfections, I believe that having a focus on a positive solution and then being able to make some type of gratitude list really helps me keep on walking… some refer to it as trudging the road to happy destiny.  Fine.  Call it whatever  you want.  Bottom line for me is I am VERY GRATEFUL for every day I get one more day.

Life is NOT a dress-rehearsal so, along the way, why *not*, Live My Ass Off!

Lets Do This!

…stay tuned!

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